Born in 1944 in Casablanca, in the workshop of his orientalist painter grandfather Francisco RUEDA, René Vidal de Ruega learned to walk and by the happiest of coincidences he trod a canvas placed on the sol. His grandfather magnanimous, has religiously preserved this work where the imprint of his little son forever marked the beginning of a passion. Over the years his painting evolved from abstract art to the figurative. His stay in the United States, and the discovery of the American hyperrealism in the 80s, deeply influences his painting. A meeting with Anne CROS gallery leads him to reconsider his pictorial creations, he frees still lifes, where he found the taste of the accuracy and compositions. In the series "BOX by Vidal de Rueda" he staged on each painting an object, the transcendent, deforming, orienting in space, to bring out the naked beauty of the object, its visual power.