Born in 1948 and graduate of School of Decorative art in Paris, Béatrice LECOMTE, she worked as Artistic director in several advertising agencies.
Beabox : World in small boxes which tell stories. We become spectators of slices of life happening inside decorations adapted to each situation. But if the elements of this little theater of life we ​​are familiar, everything shifted, diverted, revisited ... tiny characters, imposing decoration, oversized objects. We are troubled at this scale ratio upset that reminds us of dollhouses, and Alice in Wonderland. Every Béabox is unique. The style can also be poetic, kitch, surreal, crazy, or become wink to include major contemporary artists. Mondrian, Magritte, Arman, Giacometti, Calder, César, Spoerri, Klein, Reynaud, Villeglé, Trombly.....